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If I got the chance to ask you
a question just for a moment
I would be speechless.
How can I put this? How can
I say this so you can understand?
Or is it so simple a question that
my eyes give it away long before
my mouth can shape the words?

I wish i were like the rose you gave
me with each petal gleaming in the
lights. I don’t know how to ask and it
tears me apart.

I wish that I was elegant
and simple and between sorrowful
and joyful. I wish that there was a way
to say how I wish that I was.

Maybe I
am not who I want to be but I am who I
need to be. Maybe I was made this way
for a reason. It seems that reason is
to make you happy so I have to ask
with so many words. I have to ask in such
a way that only a lover can. I have to ask
because I need to know. Is it true.
Do you find beauty in me?
Do you love me with your soul?
Is it true?


- Jon Capozzoli


The Muse’s Last Dirge

How ironic this moment is. All my life i give of
my soul, of my mind and now I play my own
funeral march. Will anyone remember me?
I feel the fires of Hell grasping my feet trying to
pull me under, then I think back on it all.
What was I really their for? I made the mad man
paint the stars of night and I mad the mad woman
write so sweetly as though nothing could
help her but the gas oven in the kitchen. What have
I done? I sublimated all of their pain into vanity.

Oh my dear lords in heaven, the angels, the seraphim.
Where did we go wrong? We the daughters and sons
of Urania, why did we not stay in the skies? Why
was man so utterly important to us? Now Me and the
nine sisters will float downward for we created beauty.
Beauty that far exceeded the simple minds and blessed
this world with more then fear. We let you enjoy the world
and for that we have been damned.

This is the muses last dirge. The song to Zion that we
let kiss the lips of so many. We weep and we smile.
There is nothing left. We have given birth to new
daughters and sons of the new world and now they
must seek one another. Oh sweet sister of true
beauty we must say good bye.

I the man in the suffering of great loss saw them
saw the fires of Hades and Tartarus engulf our
sweet loves. We lost them to rationality, we lost
them to the coldness of our own darkening hearts.
Oh mothers please leave us with one last beauty.
Leave us knowing that your creators will rise
from your ashes and bring once more an understanding
of what beauty truly is.


- Jon Capozzoli