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If I got the chance to ask you
a question just for a moment
I would be speechless.
How can I put this? How can
I say this so you can understand?
Or is it so simple a question that
my eyes give it away long before
my mouth can shape the words?

I wish i were like the rose you gave
me with each petal gleaming in the
lights. I don’t know how to ask and it
tears me apart.

I wish that I was elegant
and simple and between sorrowful
and joyful. I wish that there was a way
to say how I wish that I was.

Maybe I
am not who I want to be but I am who I
need to be. Maybe I was made this way
for a reason. It seems that reason is
to make you happy so I have to ask
with so many words. I have to ask in such
a way that only a lover can. I have to ask
because I need to know. Is it true.
Do you find beauty in me?
Do you love me with your soul?
Is it true?


- Jon Capozzoli